Bagels In Riyadh

Out by Granada Mall, next door to Centerpoint is a small, clean, tidy eatery that you may not give a second glance as you drive by, nestled as it is amongst the older small business shops around it. But if you love dense, chewy, handmade bagels then stop here you should.

Circles & Circles sells bagels. And coffee. But mostly bagels.  Freshly baked, round and chewy – just how I like them. 
I fell in like with bagels over 20 years ago.  Chewy and dense they were a bread with substance.  I’ve come across a lot of poor imitations since then.  New Zealand and Australia are fabulous places to live, but they don’t really do Bagels.  The mass produced product that big business bakeries churn out should not be allowed to  put the word ‘Bagel’ on the packet!  Thin, weak and lacking any oomph, they are a total disappointment. 
I actually got to the point where I began to doubt the clarity of my memory with that first bagel experience.  Did I dream that big thick doughy bread!.  Today, at last, I found a bagel that I could say, ‘Yes, this is how I remember Bagels’.   
They bagels are baked fresh each day in a little oven out the back.  The young bloke serving assured me that if I turned up around 7a.m. I could take photo’s of him mixing the dough.  Much as I like taking photo’s of my food, I also like sleep so those pics may be a while in coming.

I ordered a bagel with Halloumi and lots of other goodies as well as a couple of plain circles to take home and munch on later in the day.  To top off my morning, I was allowed to sit and eat in the shop, at the tables.  What a bonus.  I felt like a real person!   And the coffee was pretty good too.  Head out to Circles & Circles and see what you think.

Ka Kite,

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