Cafe Lenotre

Looking for an outdoor venue for my coffee, I dropped into Lenotre, in Centria Mall.  Lenotre Family Section has a large outdoor balcony which, on a glorious winters day is a great place to sit beneath large shade umbrellas and enjoy a selection of breads before tucking in to whatever main course you may have ordered.

The deck affords a view of the tip of Faisaliah Tower peeking over the new Narcissus Hotel construction and, if you go there often enough, you can watch the progress of the GOSI buildings being erected across the road, though the noise can interrupt your lunch a little.

Indoors the decor is elegantly simple though, admittedly, I rarely dine there because of the access to the outdoors.  Lenotre is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Owing to it’s name I presumed the menu would be French though it tends to lean toward a broader palate.

Lenotre has a shop section where you can purchase very prettily dressed plates of dates and other date related products to take home.  They also create the most delicious little ice creams, great to hand out for dessert when you have guests around for the evening.

Ka Kite,

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