Dining at 11A on the Eleventh Floor

We went to 11A restaurant on the recommendation of a Saudi friend over two years ago.  As I haven’t been for a while I can only presume it is still there.

 Eleven A, if it still exists, is on the eleventh floor of Faisaliah Tower.  The veiw was lovely, decor not overstated and middle eastern buffet style food quite nice.  You could even sit outside on the balcony if you fancied, though the day we went was a little windy for outdoor dining.  My shots of the place leave a lot to be desired but give you an idea what to expect.  Those of you with vertigo issues might not want to sit next to the windows.  You can feel as if you’ll drop through.

My only shot of the food. Isn’t it terrible!  I must have been wanting to get at it.  Note to self – do not take pictures of food when hungry.

Now that I’ve dredged these photo’s out of the folder on my computer, I may have to make a return trip to 11A  to see if anything has changed.

Ka Kite,

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