Golden Brown Cupcakes in Riyadh

The other day I was talking to a bloke about muffins and cupcakes.  ‘Oh’, he said.  ‘Golden Brown is the best’ and he got no argument from me.  Cupcakes and muffins are not usually my cup of tea but then, a couple of years ago, I was introduced to Golden Brown creations and took a real fancy to the mini-cupcakes.  It’s not just that they are rather cute with their little iced carrots and bananas sitting prettily atop the cupcake! They’re also quite delicious.  It’s nice to hear other people still think so after all this time.

Over the last couple of years, more than a few cupcake and muffin shops have opened in Riyadh city central and, being a nosey parker, I’ve popped in to peruse, and occasionally purchase, the baked treats on offer.
Unfortunately, not all the goodies carried home to be shared with Hubster were as Yummy as the pretty frosting decorations would have you believe.  Many of the large muffins had a mass-produced plastic taste and those piled high with icing are sickeningly sweet.  I was about to give up bothering with The Great Muffin Movement taking Riyadh by storm (a category into which I also lump cupcakes) when I discovered the mini-cupcakes that hail from Golden Brown, an establishment on the corner of Dhabab and Thalatheen, right next to the Family Basket Pharmacy. 

It was, in fact, at the house of Louise that I first laid eyes on a Golden Brown mini-cupcake and I admit I wasn’t expecting much.  Even though our hostess with the mostest was waxing lyrical about their delectable-ness, I was somewhat dubious as cakes and bakeries are a dime a dozen in this desert city where a sweet tooth is the norm and obesity must think it’s at a fun park!  These mini-cakes had eye appeal, certainly, but they were just so darned small.

But great things come in small packages.
Isn’t that what they say?
And the frosting on these little cherubs, made with cream cheese so I hear, is just delish!

Usually these cupcakes are bought by the box and carried carefully to whichever gathering is on the agenda for the day.  (It is not unknown for Mr Noor and I to sample at least one of these tasty morsels on the way to our destination, hence the need to buy a couple of extra’s whenever an occasion calls for these sweet treats).  But if you have nowhere to go, or just fancy spoiling yourself (as I did this morning), there is a small space for women only to sit and munch on a cupcake, or three, with mosaic decorated wrought iron seats and tables reminding one of lazy, blue sky days on rough stoned outdoor patios next to an over-grown wild sown garden.  It’s just a pity there’s no garden in sight.

Golden Brown bakery also sells other bite sized goodies but, to be honest, I only go back for the mini-cupcakes because they make excellent dainties to take along for an afternoon tea visiting friends when the idea of baking sends me into cringing spasms which, these days, is fairly often.  Go try them out.  Let me know what you think.

Where is Golden Brown Bakery?

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