Lunch Menu At Ketchup

Have you been to Ketchup lately? I know it may have received less than rave reviews from me in the past, but they have done a bit if work on their menu, food quality and even their decor so the saucy red interior isn’t quite so saucy. And they have a new set lunch menu that I’ve been back for more than once.

For a set menu there are three price levels,  from 39 – 59sar, and each level has three meal choices.  The lunch consists of a drink, (choosing from a number of fruit juices or sodas), breads, soup (with two types on offer), a small salad and the mains. 
The more you decide to pay, the more substantial the meal. Today I had the 39SAR with club sandwich and it was more than enough to satisfy my hunger. 
If you are looking for lunch in pleasant enough, often quiet surrounds (as not many people rock up here for lunch) give Ketchup a go.  Let me know what you think. 

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