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For some time now I’ve been contemplating the merits of moving my blog from the Blogger platform it has been lounging in to WordPress.  Contemplation moved to action the other day and now my blog, complete with new domain name, has a brand new home.

It helped my decision that my blog actually fell off the face of the earth – well, the blogosphere part of the earth.  It seems when messages from your hosting company about paying your domain name fees go to your junk folder and you don’t see them or, as in my case, delay attention to them until it’s too late, you tend to get cut off.  Being dropped from the World Wide Web is almost like disappearing.  Seriously.  I hadn’t realised how much Google Juice I had acquired blogging for a few years.  Now the juice is gone and I have to start again.

Starting again was the reason I decided to move platforms.  And give myself a new web address.  Blogger was good ‘cos it was free, but it had its limitations.  And my previous domain name,, wasn’t terribly well thought out.  I mean, emotionally because of its attachment to New Zealand and home it was great.  But when most people asked ‘What’s the name of your blog?’  I always said ‘Kiwi in Saudi’.  So all things considered I figured a move to WordPress with a new address was on the cards.  It’s kind of like a woman starting a new life in a new town with a new hair cut.  At the end of the day you’re still the same person, you just kinda feel better for a while.

Of course the move has not been without a few hassles – renaming tags and things like that.  And I’m having to learn how to use the back end of the platform.  Which basically means that while I’m getting used to it things might change a bit on the front end as I decide whether or not I like what you get to see in terms of layout and style.  But life is all about change is it not and making the most of the new things one can learn.

So welcome back to Kiwi Living in Saudi with potentially a new look, though actually it’s still just me.  (And please, to get my Google Juice back, feel free to press share and follow and send me comments and all those other bits and pieces that help bring ones blog back to life.  And if you find any links not working please let me know.  The move has knocked a few of those out).


Ka Kite,

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