Localizer Mall Exercise Make Over

Localizer Mall looks like it’s had a bit of a make over of late, and I have to say, it’s quite nice.  The Localizer used to be known as ‘the mans mall’ because it had a range of shops that catered to blokes fashion.  After all, in a city full of women’s fashion malls and boutiques that a male alone was discouraged from entering, where was a bloke to shop?   Up until recently, Localizer was the answer.  The new set up, however, seems to be steering away from blokes and toward women and kids. (Sorry guys!)

A new HiKids toy and candy shop has opened up and if I had set foot in it there may be a review of sorts here, but I was searching for something else, so steered clear of it.  With a Sands play area downstairs and the In Motion Exergame center for kids on the first floor (sorry about the Facebook link for you non-FB’ers, though I find it hard to believe any of those exist, but the Exergamers don’t have a website!), the Localizer is starting to look like a place to bring your children for some fun activity and then go shopping.

The food court appears to have come under the paintbrush too, though given that I’ve never actually eaten there I may have been dreaming this point.  But with Lavazza cafe making an appearance (a bit of competition for Second Cup), and few healthier looking options competing with fast food joints, it’s starting to look good.  Or maybe it was just because the singles section has been opened up making the place look more spacious and relaxed, while the family dining area has been moved off to the side (though it doesn’t feel completely closed in) and has a small play ground for toddlers.

My trip to Localizer Mall was to check out the Family Running Track they were advertising upstairs.  This was my second attempt at using it – the first time the lift was under repair and I couldn’t find any stairs.  Stairs would be a good warm up for a walking track I would’ve thought, but anyway….  Being a Blokes Mall, the Localizer has a Men Only gym within, and the running track used to circle the entire top floor (so I was told) specifically for them.  It used to rile me that women didn’t have the same facilities.  Well, we may not have the gym there yet, but it looks like they’ve cut the running track in half so both genders can enjoy some much needed exercise.  And today, I was the only one there.

On the walls as you exit the lift onto the second floor are some large and colorful walking action shots to put you in the mood, plus a compilation of the benefits of walking just 30 minutes a day and a list of rules.  (At least I presume that’s what they are, cos they’re in Arabic).  There are three lanes on the track, suggesting you should bring friends, and arrows indicate the direction you should walk (for busy times I’m supposing).

The area is quite bright and a screen of plastic green foliage, complete with pink and blue rose buds, decorates the track as well as keeping prying eyes from seeing in should they ever look up from the mall floor below.  And for those who get a little worn from the exercise, there’s some lovely seating on fake grass with the relaxing trickle of water features nearby so you can catch your breath.

It only took a couple of minutes to circle the track which is another way of saying it’s not a huge, but in the summer when the it gets too hot to be walking outdoors, this track may get a lot more use for those wanting to keep up some form of walking exercise.

Though some may consider the walking track a waste of space (Why? I don’t know…!), I think Big Ups to management of the Localizer Mall for making this area available for women (although it says ‘Family Running Track, I’m guessing it’s actually targeting women).  In fact, if you can afford to send your little tackers (children) to Extreme Motion, instead of sitting in the viewing lounge watching your kids going through the program  you could race upstairs and get your own exercise in!

Then you could all go to Lavazza for coffee.
I did.  Nice.
That’s probably one of the drawbacks of having the Localizer Mall walking track right above the Food Hall!

Ka Kite,


  1. Shrek

    i suggest you visit 'outback' (an owstralian restaurant) if you happen to go to localizer mall. not quite affordable (by my standards) but the food is good and appetizers itself will make you feel full.

  2. NZ Pounamu

    Hi Shrek, we have been to the Outback many times in the past as they had the best steak in Riyadh. We haven't been back in a while to see if that's still the case. You're right about the appetizers though – the Blooming Onion had to be shared!


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