Return to the Pools of Sha’Hib Luha

Recently we made a return trip to the Pools of Sha’Hib Luha with Mr UK and Mr Oz.  We had initially intended to drive out to The Edge of The World but with the inclement weather that had been affecting the area decided for safety reasons, (we didn’t fancy getting stuck out in the recently rain soaked desert), to find somewhere a little closer to home.  Plus, I was interested to see what a lot of rain would do to the place.

On arrival it was obvious a tonne of water had been flowing out of the valley.  The man made wall that we had driven over on our first visit to the Pools of Sha’Hib Luha  had mostly been washed away as had a lot of the dust and sand, exposing the desert rocks beneath.  And numerous picnickers, with their pick ups and
four wheel drives littering the track, were out enjoying the cooler weather beneath a beautiful blue desert sky.

We parked our vehicle and walked over terrain strewn with rocks and dotted with greenery toward the first pool, commenting on the small stream of water that was trickling its way through the rockery and down into the wadi.  The Lower Pool was looking noticeably larger than when we first came and frogs were resting on slabs at its edge.  After posing for a few We Made It shots, we clambered along the shelf that would take up to the next level and on to the Upper Pool.

There had been a torrent of water through here all right! The place was almost devoid of loose sand, damp silt lined the edge of the new pools that had been created among the slabs and boulders.  Desert grasses that we had trudged through over a year ago had been washed away, while larger plants were looking bent, brown, limp and sorry.  Only the thorny desert trees looked like they had enjoyed the wash of recent water.

Even though we had to check our footing, being careful not to fall over loose rocks, making our way to the Upper ShaHib Luha Pool was a piece of cake.  The cooler temperatures meant we weren’t sweating at all!  The grasses around the Upper Pool were completely flattened and the sound of falling water could be heard from a foiliage covered gash in the hillside at its back.  One of us suggested we go explore the next level up to see if we could find where the water started.  Disappointingly, two others weren’t interested at all (and they call themselves adventurers!)  They wanted to get back to our mate and lunch – (Mr Oz decided clambering along shelves looking for pools was not becoming of someone of his maturity, so decided to wait for us back at pool number 1).

We met Mr Oz seated on the hillside atop Sha’Hib Luha pool number 1 – he had found an easier route up there –  and he led us back the way he had come down into the wadi.   While the boys were contemplating the best place for a bar-b I took off my shoes and stuck my feet in the water of the stream, after all, on our next visit it might not be here.

It had been a nice walk and as Hubster said, one thing you can almost guarantee when you return to the Saudi desert is that the landscape is always changing thanks to the weather conditions.

Map for Pools of Sha’Hib Luha Location

View Kiwi In Saudi: Tiki Tour in a larger map

Ka Kite,

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