Amazing Ramadan Break

Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ireland – destinations I’ve visited over the last 2 months and, I have to say, I’ve had an amazing, and slightly extended, Ramadan break.

 My blog writing has suffered somewhat while I’ve been away, though if you follow my Instagram account (Kiwi Living in Saudi)  or my Kiwi In Saudi Facebook page, you would have seen snippets of my travels.
Not all of my tiki touring was purely for pleasure – just most of it :).  
On my return to Saudi I’ll probabaly post a summary of my gadding about along with a few pics.  I’d write something more in depth on this post, but I’m sitting in a Paddywagon Tour bus, on a seat slightly on the narrow side for my butt and the seatbelt clasp sticking uncomfortably into one cheek if I lean the wrong way – not really ideal writing conditions.
Yours in Moblogging Joy

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